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IFCA Legal Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance Scheme

What does this Insurance Cover?

This policy is designed to give cover for legal expenses incured in the event of an allegation being made against foster/relative carers or members of their family permanently residing within the household. (Limit of cover is €65,000).

The policy must be active when the alleged incident occurs to avail of the legal cover. Claims made for an alleged incident taking place while the policy is active can be made at any subsequent date. Claims made for an alleged incident taking place prior to the inception of the policy or after it lapses are not covered.

Full text on what is covered under the policy is in the attached document here

Additional Cover

Legal Advice Service
The policy also provides a 24hr legal advice help line. This service gives the insured person confidential legal advice over the phone on any personal legal problem, under the laws of the Republic of Ireland. (Telephone number to be advised when cover affected)

Counselling Service
The policy also provides access to a 24hr counselling help line. This is an independent confidential service providing counselling support over the telephone for anyone aged over 18 in your home. It is staffed by trained counsellors who can provide emotional support for any issues that you may be encountering. This may be one-off assistance and where appropriate, you may also access up to six sessions of structured telephone counselling. (Telephone number to be advised when cover affected)

Where can you get this cover?

Only from the Irish Foster Care Association - by applying online or  by completing the application form.

What is the Cost?

The cost for a family unit is: €40 per year.

This includes the cost of the premium and administration of the scheme.

The insurance is renewable on 1st November each year and any premium paid mid-term will not be on a pro-rata basis.
This cover is another important additional benefit of membership of the Irish Foster Care Association. The number of allegations being made against foster/relative carers is increasing and this insurance will help give further support to those families who need legal advice and peace of mind for the costs involved.

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