Child in care reviews Nerilee Ceatha and Trena Ratcliffe

Child in care reviews are an important part of the care-planning process for children in
foster care. They provide an opportunity for the significant people in a child’s life to
contribute to a review of all aspects of the child or young person’s life, including their
placement with their foster carers. This aims to ensure that the child is at the centre of
the care-planning process and that their needs are looked at holistically. Best practice
suggests child in care reviews should provide a forum for the voice of the child to be
heard. This article provides the research, policy, practice and legislative context in
relation to children’s participation in child in care reviews. The authors highlight the
important role of foster carers in promoting children’s contribution to the care-planning
and child in care review process. This suggests that foster carers are well placed to work
collaboratively with social workers, and child and youth advocates, so that the voice of
the child is heard in all decisions affecting them.

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