News 2016

James Reilly considering new body to regulate court-appointed guardians

Staff in foster abuse scandal now working for child protection body


Grandparent carers let down by social services

Catch 22 for those who help grandkids due to family drug addiction

SUSI is now open for grant applications

Press Release 13th April 2016

Allegations against foster carers

Press Release 7th May 2016

New journal on foster care launched by the Irish Foster Care Association

Protocol for single, timely interview needed for children who allege sexual abuse

Grandparents and foster care - how the system works

Commission must uncover the truth of 'Grace' case

Youths in adult units but child beds available

When my foster brother died, I realised the care system must change

‘I’ve had 25 social workers. It’s a terrible system’

Abuse and State failings revealed in reports on deaths of young

HIQA Report on Midlands Area Inspection

President Higgins calls for child aftercare legislation rollout

IFCA's Support Helpline is 3 years old today!

IFCA Support Service Annual Review 2016

Report on the Grace Case: Press Release


Fostering Awareness Week 2017 Press Release

Fostering Awareness Week 2017 "Communities Fostering Together".

Press Release: 'Grace' Case Inquiry Terms of Reference

Vital that the enquiry is speedy, thorough and leaves no stone unturned.

IFCA Structural Review

Four regionalised consultation meetings for members and volunteers have been organised.

Statement by Minister on reform of Child Care Act

IFCA Welcomes the Review of the Child Care Act announced by the Minister for Children & Youth Affairs

The Minister for Children and Youth Affairs announced that a full review of the child care act will take place to ensure that children in crisis are given supports, protections and a voice in their future and that every child in care proceedings will have the opportunity to avail of the support of a guardian ad litem – with a requirement on courts to give reasoning when an appointment is not made. A reform of Guardian ad litem service will also form part of the review to ensure the service is regulated with standard practices. Welcoming the announcement, Catherine Bond, CEO, Irish Foster Care Association commented “I am encouraged by today’s announcement by the Minister. This review is significant for both children in Ireland and all those working with children in Ireland. It is our wish in IFCA that every child in crisis has access to a Guardian ad litum and that the views and needs of the child are central to any decisions that impact on their family and their future. We look forward to working closely with the Department as the review gets underway to ensure the voice of all those involved in foster care in Ireland are heard.” Ends

HIQA inspection report on Dublin Mid-Leinster - Dublin South Central Area

IFCA welcomes the HIQA inspection report on the Dublin Mid-Leinster – Dublin South Central area that highlights regional variance in practice in managing allegations within Tusla.

12 May 2017 - IFCA welcomes Minister Zappone's statement in relation to every young person leaving care

The Irish Foster Care Association (IFCA) welcomes Minister Katherine Zappone’s statement that every young person leaving care will have a right to an aftercare plan from 1st September 2017

3rd May 2017 - IFCA Welcomes the HIQA overview of 2016 regulation of social care and healthcare

The Irish Foster Care Association (IFCA) welcomes the HIQA Regulation Overview Report published and particularly the review of children’s services that it conducted. IFCA is pleased that the majority of children in alternative care reported that they felt safe, were well supported by their carer or social care staff, were listened to and that they had someone to talk to.