Moving Forward - Cork

Posted by ifcamedia on May 1, 2018

Moving Forward - Cork

Sep 11th 10:00 am - 1:00 pm


1st May, 15th May, 11th September 2018

The Irish Foster Care Association’s Moving Forward programme will offer foster carers a space to share their experiences, reflect on the many changes in their lives and come together in a supportive and confidential setting.  Moving Forward aims to inform and support foster carers on the impact of change, grief and loss in the context of foster care.


The workshops will take place over three dates and will:

  • Provide an overview of change, grief and loss
  • Validate and demystify experiences that many will have already encountered or may encounter in the future
  • Focus on self-care, resilience and coping strategies

The focus of these workshops is to provide a space for foster carers to explore and reflect on the many changes in their lives as foster carers.  It is hoped that this time and space can be used by foster carers to look at their own individual experience.  IFCA envisions that this programme will allow participants the time to consider where they have found themselves in the context of past, present and potential future changes and experiences of loss.